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Start Your Whole Body Transformation Today!
Whole Body Transformation System
at a New Low Price!

Denise Austin Fit in a FlashDenise Austin, America’s Favorite Fitness Expert says, “I’m so excited to be a part of the Whole Body Transformation System, which encompasses whole food nutrition and exercise!”

This Whole Body Transformation System will absolutely redefine who you are by focusing on three key essentials:  
Your Mind, Body and Spirit.   

This includes incorporating all of our Chews-4-Health International whole food products, an exercise DVD program by Fitness Guru Denise Austin and the best-selling book Belly Fat Diet For Dummies plus monthly tips and tools to motivate you along the way!!

*New Lower Price* 
Purchase Today and instead of paying $132.95 per month we’ve lowered the price to only $99.95.  That's a savings of over $30 per month!  
Plus, for a limited time, pay just $24.95 at your initial purchase and you will receive monthly health and wellness eBooks and audio CD’s for one full year! These contain world-renowned health experts guiding and motivating you towards your Whole Body Transformation.  Hear from Denise Austin herself as she shares her secrets to better fitness and health. In addition, you’ll get delivered to your inbox each and every month health and wellness tips and tools, recipes, newsletters, special offers and much more. This is a $295.00 value for a one time price of only $24.95.  
Order Now for Instant Access!*Special Introductory Offer* 
Order today and receive a FREE eBook delivered right to your email upon your initial purchase.  You don’t have to wait for your Whole Body Transformation System to arrive to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle, start today by reading Nature’s Superb Superfoods:  Lose Weight and Revitalize Your Body written by world-renowned Author and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Susan Smith Jones.  


The holidays are approaching and the average person will gain 12 pounds! Don’t become a statistic!

Get Your Whole Body Transformation System containing:

Denise Austin’s Fitness DVD
The best-selling book Belly Fat Diet for Dummies
The Chews-4-Health International Whole Food Product Line:
1 box of Chews-4-Health™ Dietary Supplement
1 box of IGNITE™ All Natural Energy
2 boxes of the TrimULean™ Weight Reduction System
1 bottle of Good-Night™ Sleep Aid
Dr. Friedman’s best-selling CD “America’s Unbalanced Diet”
and your FREE eBook! 

Valued at over $200! You can purchase your system for a limited time for only $99.95 a month plus the initial $24.95 for the full year subscription!  That’s a daily cost of a gourmet cup of coffee!!


Start Your Whole Body Transformation Now!

Order Today!