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SFI-TripleClicks | FREE Work From Home Opportunity

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SFI-TripleClicks | FREE Work From Home Opportunity

FREE Work From Home Opportunity
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1,000's Joining Everyday! * SFI-TripleClicks

To build a successful SFI business, just do the actions listed below. Each action you do earns you the VersaPoints shown in the left column. The more points you earn, the higher your SFI commissions can go! See Benefits Chart and Compensation Plan for more details. Earning points also advances your Power Rankings! Important Notes: 1. For points displaying an asterisk (*), you must click the green "V" in the top right corner of the page to be awarded the points. 2. With the exception of permanent, one-time action points, all points expire 180 days from the date they're awarded (points that expire shown in red). Why do VersaPoints expire? 3. To reduce clutter, one-time actions are removed upon completion, but are recorded on your personal VersaPoints Ledger. 4. Do NOT gather points for articles and training without actually reading them. Doing so will only cheat yourself of vital information you need to succeed! 5. Points listed in the Team Leadership & Support section are carefully monitored for fraud. Violations will result in forfeiture of commissions/affiliateship termination. 6. To receive points for actions in the Team Leadership & Support section, you must be an EA2 or above. 7. A min. 1,500 VP/max. 2,000 VP from sales/purchases each month can be used towards Team Leader qualification